Caldwell United Methodist Church

Thank You for your interest in Caldwell United Methodist Church!!

My name is Rev. Karen R. Scheel and I am serving as Pastor of the Caldwell Congregation here in Mukwonago. 

This is a warm and friendly church where individuals matter and where we take the time to get to know each other.  We share our joys and concerns and we walk life together.

We welcome all visitors with warm and open arms. We are a refuge and a safe place for those who are struggling with personal issues or relationships, and we care about every person that comes through our doors.

We make every attempt to understand the Word of God clearly as He would have us.  Our Sunday sermons follow Scripture and help us to explore His message and the directions that our Lord has provided for us in order to live lives that honor Him.

Being a church that is alive and living our faith is a priority for us and to that end we search for opportunities to serve both here at Caldwell and out in our surrounding communities.

We believe that everyone should search for their individual gifting and that everyone should be nurtured to flourish in a ministry that makes them both feel comfortable and grow in their relationship with our Lord.

Our faith is in God.  We seek to follow Jesus and we know that the Holy Spirit is at work in each of our lives.  As we grow in our faith and in our relationship with God, we find a sense of peace that allows us to serve in our community, around the world and right here within our church body.

In His Strength,

Pastor Karen


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A message from the Pastor....

What's a United Methodist?
What's different or distinctive about being a United Methodist?

There are no exclusively United Methodist doctrines. Although we have distinctive emphases, we have no affirmations that are not also believed by other Christian groups. United Methodists have traditionally proclaimed the following emphases:

The availability of God's grace for all;
The essential unity of faith and works;
Salvation as personal and social;
The church as a community of Christ's disciples who seek to share in God's mission;
The inseparability of knowledge (intellect) and vital piety (devotion to religious duties and practices) as components of faith;
Seeking holiness of heart and life both as individuals and in our society;
A cooperative ministry and mission in the world, often referred to as "connectionalism";